Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rampant Illegal Travel Agents in Bali

Illegal travel agents in Bali flourishing thus undermining the market prices of package tours in the island in the future. "I hope the Bali Provincial Government and relevant agencies act immediately to curb illegal travel the world because it is bad for tourism in Bali," said a Chinese tourist travel manager, John in Kuta, Bali, on Tuesday (08/29/2016). He said the presence of illegal tourist trip of China (China) is now rampant in Bali. They do not have an office or permits in Bali and mostly operate via online or networked. "We travel-travel local authorized disturbed by the presence of travel without permission from the Chinese. They undermine the market price by installing a tour package prices are cheap, so travelers are finally more time with them," he said. John pointed out, travel packages cruise to Lembongan Island commonly sells for 130 US dollars per person, by the Chinese travel illegally sold for 80 US dollars per person. With a difference of up to 50 dollars, many Chinese tourists who then select the package from the illegal travel. "These conditions should be laid, in order. The number of Chinese travelers who come to Bali now more and more, not to the foreign tourists visiting Bali is not enjoyed by local travel, but more illegal travel enjoyed it," he said. Earlier, the Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA), urged the Bali Provincial Government formed a task force (Task Force), specifically to curb foreign workers from China. "They are a lot come and practice as a tour guide or travel illegally in Bali. Because of the data and our observations, many who claim to tourists from China, but in fact in Bali they work, such as a tour guide and sell tour packages online which is very cheap "China Committee said DPP ASITA Chandra Salim, Friday (19/8). According to him, if left unchecked, without the supervision of foreigners who have been using tourist visas under the guise of so touristy, it could damage the image of Bali tourism in the future. "I hope that all components of society must recognize this fact, if not curbed illegal Chinese workers, it will be a threat in all sectors including the tourism sector," he said.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

5 Tourism Destination must you visit in West Java

West Java is the province closest to Jakarta . West Java is often the choice weekend getaway for residents of Jakarta is close and easily accessible . There are so many tourist attractions in West Java , but the tourist attractions in West Java which one worth visiting ?

1.Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Located on the south coast of West Java , Pelabuhan Ratu beach, popular for its beaches which have the characteristics of big waves and strong , very suitable for surfing . In Pelabuhan Ratu beach, there are hotel facilities , from large and luxurious to small and cheap . Along the coast you can find many seafood restaurants . Local communities also have confidence in Ratu Kidul , ruler of the southern sea .

2.Goa Buniayu

Goa Buniayu located in Sukabumi , about 5 hours drive from Jakarta . 

Cave adventure tourism activities are not too popular , but for those who like adventure , this cave is suitable. 

In this cave you will see stalagmites and stalaktik beautiful , but before you have to go down a vertical cave and pass eternal darkness . In the cave there are also animals that you can not find in the earth's surface . 

To complete this challenge , you are required to have a fit body condition and get enough rest because spelunking is very exhausting activities and exciting.

3.River Rafting Cicatih

Cicatih river rafting is an alternative game in Sukabumi are quite popular . With the swift water currents and the depth of the river fairly deep, the river has a level of difficulty and challenge higher than Citarik River but still safe for anyone , including those who can not swim . I myself prefer rafting Cicatih of the rafting Citarik for more exciting and challenging .

4.Green Canyon

With shade trees , green cliffs , crystal clear river, and a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites Beautiful , Green Canyon is a tourist place in the southern part of West Java is the most popular . You can enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon in various ways , can the use outboard boats , paddle boats , or with your body . To achieve Green Canyon indeed take a long time , about 9 hours drive from Jakarta , but you will not regret having enjoyed the beauty of the Green Canyon incredible .

5.Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach located southeast of West Java have been named as the best beach in West Java province . The specialty of this beach is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the beach , fine white sand , clear water and clean , as well as the completeness of tourist facilities . Pangandaran Beach is well known that the holiday season will be filled with tourists from various regions , causing all hotels in Pangandaran Beach is full , even some who set up a tent on the beach because they do not get lodging.

That's 5 Best Tourist attractions Around West Java . You can visit the attraction to come to Indonesia .

There are many other attractions such as the Mentawai
 Islands in West Sumatra and there is also the best tourist attractions in Bandung , which is still the capital of West Java

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Beauty of Mentawai Island, West Sumatera, Indonesia

The Beauty of Mentawai Island, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Tours to Sipura Mentawai of West Sumatra – in terms of size, Sipura indeed is the smallest in area of the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. But from the side of the layout, this exotic island is the island's most strategic and sufficient compared to the other major island 4 Mentawai. Sipura position right in the middle between the Pagai Islands and the island of Siberut. This island is located in the capital of the Regency of Mentawai Islands, namely Old Pejat. 

Sipura has an area of only 845 km2, the island of Sipora is expected to have 10-15% of the rain forest. Most of the inhabitants of Sipora have livelihoods as farmers or fishermen.

Sipora Mentawai Beach 

the exotic island of Sipora became a tourist attraction due to some surfing spot commanding in the vicinity. No need to wait for April to October if just want to feel the roll of waves is challenging, due to the charming ombang rolls there throughout the year. But indeed, April to October is the best time, if you want to visit the Sipura.
Pulau Sipora Mentawai
Sipura Mentawai island of Sipora 

is indeed synonymous with surfing the island has world class surfing point, Hollow Trees and Lance's the Left is at the southern end of the island. A number of other famous surfing point there is in the Northwest of Sipora Island, namely Telescopes, among them Iceland, and Scarecrows.
Hollow Trees commonly called HT or Lance's Right. Cylindrical waves (right tube) over the last 10 years often appeared in magazines and videos of surfing the world. When the waves of this type come not too big, there will be a take off of zones 3 menantangmu for surfing maneuver. When larger waves came, the top of the waves that broke (peak) will be connected with the barrel on an ongoing basis that will make surfers with average skills was amazed at 
. Be careful with called The Surgeon's Table in this surfing point; these waves as if there really is to lift the surfers to be dipuncak the waves as if as a cup or trophy. Hollow Trees is not recommended for novice surfers because the waves present a challenge for those with adequate skills and expert
. Sipura Mentawai Surfers Paradise 

While Lance's Left is strong waves and most consistent in the Sipura and surrounding areas. Has a characteristic waves with two barrels of different zones and a number of take-off, Lance's Left (if supported perfect conditions) can be one of the most beautiful waves on the planet. A lot of people call and compare Lance's Left as waves of Money Trees of G-Land version of Mentawai. The movement of the waves on the sea surface is a result of air pressure differences and wind (swell) capable of creating larger zones of vertical take-off and barrel are perfect. When the waves are not too big, Lance's Left suitable for surfers with the capabilities of the medium.
Berselancar Di Pulau Mentawai
Mentawai Islands surfing at 

in the Northwest of Sipora Island, there are two types of waves. Telescopes are a type of very long waves, semi hollow (the surf beach with holes in the middle), and almost perfect for surfing. A lot of surfers who have been surfing the wave Telescopes acknowledge that this is one of the best waves in Indonesia. Telescopes that are not too big a challenge you with this type of cylindrical waves which are suitable for intermediate level surfers. Telescopes surf locations are closest to the center of the residential communities in the Tuapejat (capital district), which is roughly 5 km west of 
. Scarecrows is a type of waves with take off zone left that forms the wall of the wave attached to the barrel with scroll quickly. Suitable for intermediate level surfers.
Activities that you can do in Sipura Mentawai Waves Sipura
nautical Tourism, especially surfing became a flagship tourism potential offered Sipora Island. Sipura is indeed to be famous over the world because it has a point-surf tikik.  Pantai Pulau Mentawai
In addition to being the purpose of the local and international surfers to hunt down big waves, the natural beauty of Sipura also cannot be doubted, natural conditions the island is still awake and natural. Snorkeling, diving, or just relaxing on the beach enjoying the scenery, accompanied by winds that blow blowing while waiting for the sunset is a delicacy for you which are fed up with the daily activities that are so tiresome.

 location location For surfing, you can get several points around island of Sipora. In addition to the four-point surf already discussed above, the purpose of the already famous surfing you can find at the Katiet Village is located at the southern end of this village, Sipora Island at the village of Bosua who is about 4 hours drive using a speed boat from Old Pejat.

 Katiet Village famous for its perfect waves roll with a height reaching 3-4 meters. The beach in this village relatively has lots of coral, but it is not the intention but the surfers to hunt down the waves. The waves in the hamlet of excellent Katiet hunted in early April to December.

Katiet Village other than surfing other surfers are already known to the international world is the coral Manjat. A very long waves roll making it one of the favorite places that often invite tourists. In addition, the reef is also a tourist location Manjat snorkeling and diving that cannot be considered one eye. The waters of the Coral Reef alive Manjat had the best percentage and this encourages his life fish which is the beauty of a decent go diving in underwater. In the coral you can find various Manjat type angelfish that is Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) Napoleon, Angel Betmen (Pomacanthus imperator), Angel bread (Pomachantus semicirculatus) and Angel (Pygoplites diacanthus) Doreng.
Mentawai Islands
Pantai Pulau Mentawai

Wisata Pulau Mentawai
Mentawai Island
Siasiat Scrubfowl is a dive site that also deserve to be traced, in the Charred stratagem, you will find a diversity of fish and the beauty of its reefs. Ghost Pipe Fish, nudibranch, harlequin shrimp, Octopus, sea horse, various kinds of crab, turtle, and more can be found in the waters around Siasiat Scrubfowl. < br/> toured the island of Sipora
position in the middle of the archipelago and the island of Pagai Siberut, Sipora Island makes a strategic area to search for the beauty of the Mentawai Islands and around it. To get around the Sipura, speedboat or boat is the main transportation that you can use.
in addition to challenging the waves and surfing the ria in the Sipura, you can also go to other surf point in nearby islands. Nyang Nyang-island is another island in South Siberut, Mentawai Islands Regency, which has a decent wave types hunted and challenging. Waves on the Island Nyang Nyang-can reach a height of 4 meters. Some challenging waves in this small island such as Nifusi, Bank Vaults, Pit Stop, E Bay, and Beng-Beng. Panorama of exotic natural would be the perfect background and become an unforgettable experience for liburanmu. < br/> Another Simakakang Island, an island located about 7 kilometres from Old Pejat, is no luxury resort founded by entrepreneurs. Aside from being a really cool surfing location, the waters of this island is also home to a variety of micro-biota and fish are endemic.
Is around 3 hours away by speedboat from the capital district, Old Pejat, Pokai Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of decent disambangi. Located in the village of Simalegi, North Siberut, Pokai Beach is a beautiful beach area and cool with the abundance of pine trees that are green and lush. Pokai Beach fits into a tourist destination with family. In the afternoon, usually bustling Pokai Beach visited by people who want to see the sky at this coastal adorned the beauty of colors of the Rainbow.
Mentawai Tribe, tobacco, tattoos
If you want to know more closely and feel yourself the life of Mentawai tribe, take your time to come to the island Siberut which is the largest of the Mentawai Islands and is home to approximately 30000 Mentawai tribe who live isolated from modernity. They (people of Mentawai Tribe) have language, culture, customs and some are still embraced animism to understand. The clothes they wear else is very simple; Mentawai men wearing only themselves aprons made from breadfruit tree bark, while the House of brides simply wore a kind of skirt made from the leaves of the coconut/banana.