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7 Popular Places in Malang, really wonderfull

This is a list of new tourist attractions and recommendations in Malang most excellent and again hits among the tourists. 

Complete of natural attractions, beaches, delicious culinary specialties, shopping, hangout night, religious tourism, historical temples, education, to the rides for children and families are all here.

Reporting from wikipedia, stated that Malang along Batu and Malang District is part of the unity of the region known as Metropolitan Area Malang or Malang. 

Malang City as the center stone surrounded by the city adjacent to the northwest, and Malang regency in the east, south, west, and north.

Malang and surrounding mimiliki tourism potential is very interesting and complete visit.

Similar to Bandung, most of its territory is a mountainous area with cool air beautiful panorama. The south lined beaches of beautiful white sand exotic.

Not only that, various new tourist attraction that provides a vehicle for a unique and exciting attractions are also present here. 

Moreover, culinary, tasty indeed tempting. Wonder if Malang became an icon of tourism in East Java at once a favorite tourist destination in Indonesia.

What about the accommodation? Certainly very recommended dong. Hotel, Mall, restaurants / places to eat, places of worship, through all available means of transportation in this place. 

The inn also know a lot of choices, ranging from star hotels to budget class there. 

Access to the city is also where you can choose by land (rail and vehicles) or air. Well, for a traveler friend who happened to be planning for recreation in this Apple City, indotrip.tk had selected some tourist destinations are relatively fresh to be used as a reference tourist maps and your holiday.

So, you do not get confused in finding the best tourist attractions in Malang. 

Just have to read my review and a review of the following, complete with entry ticket price!

List of Tourist Attractions in Malang Latest The Good, Hits, And Famous

1. The Water Sumber Sirah

We begin cruising new tourist attractions in Malang by visiting Source Sirah located in Sumber Jaya, Gondanglegi District, Malang Regency.

Source Sirah is a tour source of fresh water is very clear, where you can swim with a snorkel.

Privileges make these springs among the hits Amy Malang, stunning views of the beauty of green algae on the bottom.

If you come here, do not forget to prepare a swimsuit, snorkel, and a waterproof camera, because you will be hooked around the water here.

For those of you who are looking for sites in Malang is free, the spring could be an option because there is no admission fee or without charge. 

However there that rent tires for swimming. Adult size tires for Rp. 3000 and for the size of children Rp. 2000. So, what are you waiting?

2. Omah Wood
It's her new favorite tourist spot for narcissistic young people in social media such as facebook and instagram, Omah Kayu name.

It is trend object is indeed very fitting to be the location of hunting in Malang instagramable.

Here visitors can see a view of the paddy fields of altitude. A breeze typical city of Malang add value enjoyment hanging out in the wooden house.

This wooden house located in Batu Malang, East Java. If observed glance similar to Kalibiru Jogja.

Really romantic tourist spot in Malang, fits really create a honeymoon location and prewedding.

Omah real wood is an inn with a concept similar to the tree house. Price per night stay here approximately 250,000-300,000, but for those who just want to feel the sensation of lounging can really to pay the entrance fee of 5,000.

3. "ANGKUT" Museum

Who said a visit to the museum is boring? Try it you come to the Transport Museum, the saturation you will direct the museum will soon disappear. 

The latest tourist attractions Batu Malang has a different concept compared to the existing museum in general.

If other museums offer historical objects such as rocks antiquity, cutlery ancient times, or perhaps a weapon of war, the museum collects old cars really authentic. 

Old cars from different continents such as Europe, America, or Asia you can find here. 

Even vehicle-transportation old-fashioned as a chariot drawn by horses and cows were observed.

4. Coban Nirwana

Malang is famous for its exotic beauty of its waterfalls. 

Well, one of the waterfalls in Malang travel newest hits again among the younger traveler is nirvana or Coban Coban mBok Karimah. 

The waterfall is actually not yet have an official name, but many people call it by that name.

Coban is still rarely visited, arguably unspoiled. It uniquely presented Coban is a panoramic epic and cool to spot selfie. 

Because they are new, the cross-eyed Coban minimum facilities. Also free entry ticket price. Coban Coban mBok Karimah or Nirwana is located in Gedangan, which is one of the districts in Malang, East Java.

For access to this waterfall is quite easy, because of its location on the border between the source region Manjing Gedangan Wetan, Malang.

To arrive at the location, there are two paths that you can take. First, you can through the region Gedangan. 

Second, you can get through the path through the source region Manjing Wetan, Malang.

Both lanes are equally easy to follow, just a few kilometers before reaching the location, the streets a little less good.

5. "Kalireco" Bath

For my friend traveler who need a place for "freshing" when the scorching heat during the day, try deh been to Bath Kalireco.

Once you turn themselves here, fresh air will immediately spread to your body. Fatigue and heat instantly disappear instantly.

Kalireco spring is presenting the charm of water tourism which is very refreshing. The color rimbunannya clear water and trees around the main attraction for the tourist attraction of this one.

Cool weather combined wind of the breeze made you to be calm and peaceful. These springs are located in the Source Sane, Lawang, Malang. 

Kalireco is not really a tourist attraction, because it has not been opened by the local Tourism Office. Kalireco only a bathing and irrigation are used by local residents.

Because of the beauty and exoticism of the place, now many young traveler who began flocking to visit this spring for a shower, freshen up, and reconcile themselves. 

No wonder it feels when spring Kalireco included in the list of tourist attractions in the latest Malang .

Anyway, for the entry ticket price is currently free. However you can donate seiklasnya to help the development of these attractions. 

Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and food / soft drinks considering the facility here is not yet complete.


Explore Malang is endless, the city is always offering new tourist attraction of the exotic. 

There neh, another anti-mainstream tourist spots in the latest Malang again hits-hits among young people, the name Gulf Coast Angel located at Mbehi. Its location in the village of Sumberbening, District Bantur, Malang.

Judging from the name alone is wonderfull? Moreover, the original, you will be amazed made. Angel bay is a spot (puddle) circular in shape with the color turquoise water. 

Its location is one area with Turkish Mbehi. A cursory look, this bay looks like the latest tourist attractions in Bali called Angel's Bilabong.

This place is suitable for you who want to eliminate tired of the daily routine. Moreover, the atmosphere is still very quiet also very fitting to relax. 

Do not forget to prepare lunch, camera, and excellent physical because you have treking fair amount of time to get to the location.

Beach Mbehi you will need about 30-40 minutes for trekking and required to use a guide that has been prepared at a cost of Rp. 10,000 / person. 

Remember yes, do not harm the environment because you'll pass through the woods with the animals protected as occupants.


For those of you who are looking for a child and family travel in Malang is interesting, then Eco Green Park could be the right choice.

This new vacation spot great for introducing kids about the importance of maintaining the environmental balance.

Eco Green Park offers educational recreation park which contains a mini zoo and information about environmental preservation. Entering this tourist area, you will be greeted by a large elephant sculpture made from used television.

This tourist spot has lots of rides spread and to get around you can rent E-Bike with a price of 100,000 rupiah for 3 hours.

Jungle Adventure is one of the rides are fun and exciting. You will get around an artificial forest by using an open carriage. That's all? Quiet. 

Not just drive around, you are also invited to catch poachers of wild animals in the forest.

With toy guns, you have to shoot every hunter you see. Foresight to see and shooting speed is needed here because you have to shoot from the train is running. Hmm, exciting huh?
House upside down no less interesting. Building the house upside down with the roof down and the floor above. Not only upside down on the outside, but all the furniture in it also reversed.

You seemed to walk on the roof like Spiderman because all furniture ranging from tables, chairs and lamps in the overturned position. If you quite dizzy in the House The upside of this, get out and look for other rides.

Eco Green Park still has many other rides such as Geology Science Center, Walking Bird, Animal Farm, Duck Kingdom, World Parrots, Multimedia Dome, Eco Science Center, the Bird Market and Insectarium. 

Shhhh, here also you can listen to the music produced by the water in the vehicle Music Plaza. Location and address Eco Green Park is located at Jl. Oro-oro Ombo No. 9A, Batu, East Java. 

To get into the tourist attractions in Malang, you only need to pay 40,000 Rupiah Monday - Thursday and 60,000 rupiah for Friday - Sunday. Ticket booths open at 08:30 to 16:30 pm & Entrance open hours 8:30 to 16:30 pm.

Okay, that's the best tourist attractions in Malang, East Java.

Hopefully Can Help you to find reference and travel.

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Vacation Tips The Important to Know

Vacation Tips The Important to Know

Tips holiday

Travel tips this time will share tips on holiday with the family. Holiday with family is fun and exciting, but not without preparation.

 Thorough preparation before leaving for a tour you will visit will greatly assist the smooth running of your holiday with the family. Consider the following tips on holiday with the family that little lot might be able to help you in enjoying the various tourist destinations that you visit.

 Before traveling, make sure you and your children have to learn about the area to be visited in order to determine the priority of family travel anywhere to be visited. Look for and bring a map of your destination tourist spot that will ease you to the location.

Consider using the services of a trusted travel agent so that you will not be bothered by the business travel arrangements. If you are not sure to go alone with your family, there is no harm in using a travel agent is reliable. Make sure that the weather at the destination so that your family can prepare your luggage like the clothes worn and medicines should be prepared.

If indeed the weather where a chance of rain, then you should set up an umbrella and raincoat. If you're going to get on a plane, book a plane seat well in advance so that all family members can sit side by side or adjacent to the plane. If not possible, ask the flight cabin crew to help you ask the other passengers to change seats so that children are not seated apart from parents.

Arrive early to check in at the airport and tell the children beforehand about the screening procedures at airports so that security screening process goes smoothly.

When you have arrived at their destination, prioritizing security to avoid potential accidents. Bring your electric outlet cover and check the balcony and the bathroom of the potential dangers. Learn the evacuation routes and procedures in case of fire.

 If you visit the area such as Trans Studio Makassar, make plans for visits based on floor plan or map. Provide respite for family members to choose a destination you what the interest. Always plan ahead where the location to meet and what to do if your family members are separated from the group.

 If possible, please complete every member of your family with a mobile phone or walkie-talkie to keep in touch at all times. If your vacation includes a trip to the pool, sea, water park, or other places related to water, never let children's own adventure.

Create an atmosphere of humor fun during the trip in order to give children a memorable holiday and unforgettable. With ten quick and practical tips above, your holiday with family is expected to be smooth and pleasant.

So first tourist info on troubleshooting holidays with the family is important remedy your holiday smoothness, may be useful.

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Top 5 Travel Destinations in Yogyakarta. Must Visit!

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Yogyakarta. Must Visit!

Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta - Here's a list of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is the best and latest hits. From the start of natural attractions, beaches, delicious culinary, waterpark, children's playground, to hangout there are all here. Some of them are new tourist attraction that is rarely visited or unspoiled. Language "cool" is still virgin or virgin. It is undeniable that Yogyakarta is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the tourists destinations other than Bali and Bandung. Almost every weekend or holiday, the city of Gudeg always crowded by the traveler from the children, adolescents, and adults.

 The reason may be quite simple, Jogja is a comfortable and friendly city for the holidays. Such as hotel accommodation and transport was complete. Travel costs in Jogja also relatively cheap making it affordable for all people, from the lower class, middle to upper.

However, there are actually a lot of appeal why the traveler who likes to visit this student city. What is that? Yes definitely place of recreation donk. Arguably, Yogyakarta is a tourist town that is super complete and interesting. Starting from the beauty of the mountains, the beach, nature, culinary, culture, education, playground, until the shopping area are all available here.

Just choose deh. Well, because so many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas are famous, you have to be very clever selection. To help you, Assorted Travel has compiled on new tourist attractions in Jogja rising from start to name, location, and the price of admission. Let's see its tourist info below.
1. Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark
Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark

Here it is the latest tourist attractions in Yogyakarta were more hits, namely Yogyakarta Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark. For those of you who bring children and families visiting the waterpark seems very fitting in this Jogja. Jogja Bay waterpark is the largest, most complete and most advanced in Indonesia. 

Child and family recreation area is located in the village of Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman or in the north stadium Maguwoharjo. Jogja Bay so called managed by PT Taman Wisata Jogja (twj) with local village cash lease land area of ​​7.7 hectares. 

Jogja Bay is an arena where water games refers waterbom in Bali and waterpark in Orlando USA. The rides are also trying to achieve complete Jogja Bay has 19 types of rides with excellence 'How to survive in tsunamy and earthquake'. Here is not limited to air travel only. Rather there is a vehicle for education. To support the existence of Jogja Bay, PT Taman Wisata Jogja will provide bags of existing parking lot can accommodate 400 cars, 30 buses and 1,000 two-wheelers. Not only that, it will also be provided a shuttle bus from the parking complex that will bring visitors to the front entrance. Harbour Theater is also a complement of Jogja Bay waterpark. This theater with a capacity of 1,500 people who have a high-quality audio. 

Other rides are a maze called Jogja Bay Lighthouse. Kruger as well as there is also a bar to enjoy meals and minumuman. Then how much the price of admission Jogja Bay? The plan, Jogja Bay will fix the price of tickets for children less than 2 years old free. As for children's ticket costs Rp. 60,000. Adult Rp. 90,000 and the elderly over 65 years of Rp. 60,000. Jogja Bay is open daily from 09.00 until 18.00 pm while the Harbour Theater is open from 19:00 until 22:00 pm. As for the weekend Waterpark open faster is 08.00.
2. Desa Wisata Kalibiru

One of the natural attractions in Jogja is rising Kalibiru Hill Menoreh, Kulonprogro, west of Yogyakarta. Kalibiru Tourism Village is famous for the beautiful view from a height. Starting from the view of the Sermo reservoir until flying fox at the top of the hill. No less beautiful with Tebing Keraton in Bandung.

One that must be done is photographed in a tree in a flying fox. A flat background of less than 1 meter made for the flying fox. Being at a height, the view presented was outstanding. Well, this is where tourists usually take pictures and the results would be so cool!

Kalibiru Tourism Village also has beautiful tracks that can be selected in length. There are 1.5 km to 7 km, depending on the desire. Travel Tourism Village in Kulonprogro Kalibiru certainly preoccupied with my family. Usually seh young boy who loves to this place to take pictures and upload them to instagram.

3. Puncak Kosakora
Puncak Kosakora
Here it is the latest tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that fits really for young children who like selfie present. Kosakora a hilltop that offers beauty is very attractive. From the peak Kosakora you can see the view of the hills, beach, sunrise and sunset over the Peak Kosakora. For the price of admission just charge Rp.2000, - per person. Affordable enough to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the hilltop Kosakora. Then how the road to the summit Kosakora? There are plans its not ya? These usually pass to the summit Kosakora Drini Beach, Gunung Kidul. Road route to the summit kosakora can be briefly described as follows: Title - Piyungan - Patuk - Sambipitu - Lanud TNI Ivory - Siyono - Roundabout Monument BPD straight to the east - Wonosari - Jalan Baron - Tanjungsari - Pos levies Region Beach Gunung - follow the road to directions Drini Beach - Peak Kosakora. We recommend that you come to this attraction as the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not so oppressive. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and sunrise can also camping in Puncak Kosakora. In this place has provided rental dome tents to stay overnight without having to bring their own from home. Enough to pay Rp 60,000 for a small tent or Rp 100,000 for a large tent.

4. De Mata Trick Eye Museum

Who says travel to the museum is boring? Try it comes to tourist attractions in Yogyakarta nice named De Mata Trick Eye Museum. Your impression about the museum is less attractive must be lost. Especially for those who like really narcissistic, shall deh come to this museum.

 De Mata trick Eye Museum has about 120 collection of 3-dimensional image. Travelers can wreak desires all his narcissistic in any collection in this museum. Make sure that your camera battery in full condition. Since it was stuff for sure, you will jeprat-snap camera tens to hundreds of times in this museum. How seh 3D museum admission price Jogja?

Ticket prices Yogyakarta 3d museum that is equal to 35,000. But you just pay 25.000 for the happy hour is Monday-Thursday at 10:00 to 15:00. The museum is open from 10 am to 10 pm. The museum will be happy to help you drive force that the resulting image can be maximized. For certain images are provided stairs for photographers footing. Sample images are also taped so that visitors can mimic the style of the Model narcissistic.

 Anyway, the location and address 3d Jogja museum is located in Building Basement Omar Khayyam Region XT Square, Jalan Veteran Yogyakarta. Besides De Mata, you also can visit the museum in Yogyakarta Other attractions to fill your holiday with kaluarga and friends.
5. Mangunan Orchard

For those of you who get tired of visiting the place-it was only in Yogyakarta, might be able to drop in to the Orchard Mangunan. The latest tourist attractions in Yogyakarta on the rise is indeed presents a beautiful view of Oya river from a height.

The address and the location is located in the Orchard Mangunan Mangunan, Dlingo subdistrict, Bantul. This location is about 15 km from the capital city of Bantul, and 35 km from the center of Yogyakarta.

A traveler can see the natural beauty of Bantul, which is still green. In addition, there are facilities around the orchard to see breeding. In terms of facilities, existing homestay-style accommodation, conference hall, swimming pool, as well as office management.

Fun and exciting !