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5 Tourism Destination must you visit in West Java

West Java is the province closest to Jakarta . West Java is often the choice weekend getaway for residents of Jakarta is close and easily accessible . There are so many tourist attractions in West Java , but the tourist attractions in West Java which one worth visiting ?

1.Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Located on the south coast of West Java , Pelabuhan Ratu beach, popular for its beaches which have the characteristics of big waves and strong , very suitable for surfing . In Pelabuhan Ratu beach, there are hotel facilities , from large and luxurious to small and cheap . Along the coast you can find many seafood restaurants . Local communities also have confidence in Ratu Kidul , ruler of the southern sea .

2.Goa Buniayu

Goa Buniayu located in Sukabumi , about 5 hours drive from Jakarta . 

Cave adventure tourism activities are not too popular , but for those who like adventure , this cave is suitable. 

In this cave you will see stalagmites and stalaktik beautiful , but before you have to go down a vertical cave and pass eternal darkness . In the cave there are also animals that you can not find in the earth's surface . 

To complete this challenge , you are required to have a fit body condition and get enough rest because spelunking is very exhausting activities and exciting.

3.River Rafting Cicatih

Cicatih river rafting is an alternative game in Sukabumi are quite popular . With the swift water currents and the depth of the river fairly deep, the river has a level of difficulty and challenge higher than Citarik River but still safe for anyone , including those who can not swim . I myself prefer rafting Cicatih of the rafting Citarik for more exciting and challenging .

4.Green Canyon

With shade trees , green cliffs , crystal clear river, and a cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites Beautiful , Green Canyon is a tourist place in the southern part of West Java is the most popular . You can enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon in various ways , can the use outboard boats , paddle boats , or with your body . To achieve Green Canyon indeed take a long time , about 9 hours drive from Jakarta , but you will not regret having enjoyed the beauty of the Green Canyon incredible .

5.Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach located southeast of West Java have been named as the best beach in West Java province . The specialty of this beach is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the beach , fine white sand , clear water and clean , as well as the completeness of tourist facilities . Pangandaran Beach is well known that the holiday season will be filled with tourists from various regions , causing all hotels in Pangandaran Beach is full , even some who set up a tent on the beach because they do not get lodging.

That's 5 Best Tourist attractions Around West Java . You can visit the attraction to come to Indonesia .

There are many other attractions such as the Mentawai
 Islands in West Sumatra and there is also the best tourist attractions in Bandung , which is still the capital of West Java

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The Beauty of Mentawai Island, West Sumatera, Indonesia

The Beauty of Mentawai Island, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Tours to Sipura Mentawai of West Sumatra – in terms of size, Sipura indeed is the smallest in area of the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. But from the side of the layout, this exotic island is the island's most strategic and sufficient compared to the other major island 4 Mentawai. Sipura position right in the middle between the Pagai Islands and the island of Siberut. This island is located in the capital of the Regency of Mentawai Islands, namely Old Pejat. 

Sipura has an area of only 845 km2, the island of Sipora is expected to have 10-15% of the rain forest. Most of the inhabitants of Sipora have livelihoods as farmers or fishermen.

Sipora Mentawai Beach 

the exotic island of Sipora became a tourist attraction due to some surfing spot commanding in the vicinity. No need to wait for April to October if just want to feel the roll of waves is challenging, due to the charming ombang rolls there throughout the year. But indeed, April to October is the best time, if you want to visit the Sipura.
Pulau Sipora Mentawai
Sipura Mentawai island of Sipora 

is indeed synonymous with surfing the island has world class surfing point, Hollow Trees and Lance's the Left is at the southern end of the island. A number of other famous surfing point there is in the Northwest of Sipora Island, namely Telescopes, among them Iceland, and Scarecrows.
Hollow Trees commonly called HT or Lance's Right. Cylindrical waves (right tube) over the last 10 years often appeared in magazines and videos of surfing the world. When the waves of this type come not too big, there will be a take off of zones 3 menantangmu for surfing maneuver. When larger waves came, the top of the waves that broke (peak) will be connected with the barrel on an ongoing basis that will make surfers with average skills was amazed at 
. Be careful with called The Surgeon's Table in this surfing point; these waves as if there really is to lift the surfers to be dipuncak the waves as if as a cup or trophy. Hollow Trees is not recommended for novice surfers because the waves present a challenge for those with adequate skills and expert
. Sipura Mentawai Surfers Paradise 

While Lance's Left is strong waves and most consistent in the Sipura and surrounding areas. Has a characteristic waves with two barrels of different zones and a number of take-off, Lance's Left (if supported perfect conditions) can be one of the most beautiful waves on the planet. A lot of people call and compare Lance's Left as waves of Money Trees of G-Land version of Mentawai. The movement of the waves on the sea surface is a result of air pressure differences and wind (swell) capable of creating larger zones of vertical take-off and barrel are perfect. When the waves are not too big, Lance's Left suitable for surfers with the capabilities of the medium.
Berselancar Di Pulau Mentawai
Mentawai Islands surfing at 

in the Northwest of Sipora Island, there are two types of waves. Telescopes are a type of very long waves, semi hollow (the surf beach with holes in the middle), and almost perfect for surfing. A lot of surfers who have been surfing the wave Telescopes acknowledge that this is one of the best waves in Indonesia. Telescopes that are not too big a challenge you with this type of cylindrical waves which are suitable for intermediate level surfers. Telescopes surf locations are closest to the center of the residential communities in the Tuapejat (capital district), which is roughly 5 km west of 
. Scarecrows is a type of waves with take off zone left that forms the wall of the wave attached to the barrel with scroll quickly. Suitable for intermediate level surfers.
Activities that you can do in Sipura Mentawai Waves Sipura
nautical Tourism, especially surfing became a flagship tourism potential offered Sipora Island. Sipura is indeed to be famous over the world because it has a point-surf tikik.  Pantai Pulau Mentawai
In addition to being the purpose of the local and international surfers to hunt down big waves, the natural beauty of Sipura also cannot be doubted, natural conditions the island is still awake and natural. Snorkeling, diving, or just relaxing on the beach enjoying the scenery, accompanied by winds that blow blowing while waiting for the sunset is a delicacy for you which are fed up with the daily activities that are so tiresome.

 location location For surfing, you can get several points around island of Sipora. In addition to the four-point surf already discussed above, the purpose of the already famous surfing you can find at the Katiet Village is located at the southern end of this village, Sipora Island at the village of Bosua who is about 4 hours drive using a speed boat from Old Pejat.

 Katiet Village famous for its perfect waves roll with a height reaching 3-4 meters. The beach in this village relatively has lots of coral, but it is not the intention but the surfers to hunt down the waves. The waves in the hamlet of excellent Katiet hunted in early April to December.

Katiet Village other than surfing other surfers are already known to the international world is the coral Manjat. A very long waves roll making it one of the favorite places that often invite tourists. In addition, the reef is also a tourist location Manjat snorkeling and diving that cannot be considered one eye. The waters of the Coral Reef alive Manjat had the best percentage and this encourages his life fish which is the beauty of a decent go diving in underwater. In the coral you can find various Manjat type angelfish that is Angel (Pomacanthus xanthometopon) Napoleon, Angel Betmen (Pomacanthus imperator), Angel bread (Pomachantus semicirculatus) and Angel (Pygoplites diacanthus) Doreng.
Mentawai Islands
Pantai Pulau Mentawai

Wisata Pulau Mentawai
Mentawai Island
Siasiat Scrubfowl is a dive site that also deserve to be traced, in the Charred stratagem, you will find a diversity of fish and the beauty of its reefs. Ghost Pipe Fish, nudibranch, harlequin shrimp, Octopus, sea horse, various kinds of crab, turtle, and more can be found in the waters around Siasiat Scrubfowl. < br/> toured the island of Sipora
position in the middle of the archipelago and the island of Pagai Siberut, Sipora Island makes a strategic area to search for the beauty of the Mentawai Islands and around it. To get around the Sipura, speedboat or boat is the main transportation that you can use.
in addition to challenging the waves and surfing the ria in the Sipura, you can also go to other surf point in nearby islands. Nyang Nyang-island is another island in South Siberut, Mentawai Islands Regency, which has a decent wave types hunted and challenging. Waves on the Island Nyang Nyang-can reach a height of 4 meters. Some challenging waves in this small island such as Nifusi, Bank Vaults, Pit Stop, E Bay, and Beng-Beng. Panorama of exotic natural would be the perfect background and become an unforgettable experience for liburanmu. < br/> Another Simakakang Island, an island located about 7 kilometres from Old Pejat, is no luxury resort founded by entrepreneurs. Aside from being a really cool surfing location, the waters of this island is also home to a variety of micro-biota and fish are endemic.
Is around 3 hours away by speedboat from the capital district, Old Pejat, Pokai Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of decent disambangi. Located in the village of Simalegi, North Siberut, Pokai Beach is a beautiful beach area and cool with the abundance of pine trees that are green and lush. Pokai Beach fits into a tourist destination with family. In the afternoon, usually bustling Pokai Beach visited by people who want to see the sky at this coastal adorned the beauty of colors of the Rainbow.
Mentawai Tribe, tobacco, tattoos
If you want to know more closely and feel yourself the life of Mentawai tribe, take your time to come to the island Siberut which is the largest of the Mentawai Islands and is home to approximately 30000 Mentawai tribe who live isolated from modernity. They (people of Mentawai Tribe) have language, culture, customs and some are still embraced animism to understand. The clothes they wear else is very simple; Mentawai men wearing only themselves aprons made from breadfruit tree bark, while the House of brides simply wore a kind of skirt made from the leaves of the coconut/banana.

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11 Famous Places in Bandung , Indonesia should you visit it

Who does not know the city of Bandung? city ​​dubbed as the "City of Flowers" as it's known by the beauty of the girls. But make no mistake, Bandung located near the capital city of Indonesia also has so many beautiful panorama and interesting places that can be used as a tourist destination.

Bandung also ranked as one of the largest metropolitan city of all three in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. The location itself can be reached from Jakarta lane southeast around approximately 140Km. Although notabenya as a metropolitan city, Bandung has attractive tourist rides are well worth a visit from nature tourism, culinary tourism, History of the travel, shopping, and so on.
Bandung popularity increased since the opening of the toll lanes Cipularang, so access is easier. So do not be surprised if a lot of people in Jakarta who spent the weekend in order to escape from the bustle of the work of choosing the city of Bandung as a destination. Therefore for those of you who want to travel to Bandung then can listen carefully in Bandung list of tourist attractions as you travel reference.

11. Situ Patenggang Lakes View All Images

 Ranked 11 attractions in Bandung the most sought-after. There are great enough concern netizen who likes vacationing to seek serenity and romantic atmosphere, because it gives peace to anyone who comes along.

 The air is cool and cool dressed with a stunning disekelilingnya. In the middle of the Lake there is a small island named after the land of love. To get to the island of love you could rent a boat provided by the Manager of the Lake. The address There is Highway Patenggang Ciwidey – Rancabali, village, sub-district Patengan Rancabali, Bandung Regency, West Java 40973. Situ patenggang placed at # 11 of the much sought after tourist attractions in Bandung new markets, Trade Center Bandung new markets Trade Center – Bandung.

 10. Pasar Baru BandungView All Images

New Markets (Pasar Baru) in Bandung Bandung in order to ten. To complete your visit in Bandung also don't miss to visit the shopping center in Bandung new markets that provide a variety of merchandise with prices from the local up to the imported goods, ranging in retail price to wholesale price all complete there in new markets.

Traders in new markets in Bandung is not only Indonesia but also many people inhabited by those from the Neighbouring Country Malaysia. The new market in Bandung, also known as new market Trade center located at JL. Otto Iskandar Dinata No. 70, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia by phone number + 62 22 4,245,555.

9. Gedung Sate (The Building of Satay)

The building of this historic building Sate became one of Bandung in West Java and icon. Besides being used as a national activity, not a few who come to travel and would like to get to know closer to the building.

 A variety of activities are often done as visitors take pictures and just drive around or hanging out around it. Right on the street there is the field gasibu sebrang are often used as a place to hold large events.

 8. Paris Van JavaView All Images

Paris Van Java who is not familiar with this one, a shopping center built around conditions of eco-friendly, very beautiful. PVJ, also known as Resort Lifestyle Paris Van Java Place, which offers a unique tour combines shopping, culinary and entertainment. There are many tenant disediakn with a variety of top international fashion brand.

Variation delicious culinary specialities with archipelago, asia, the Americas, and European cuisine. In addition there is also a cinema with the latest movies. And much more can be enjoyed by tourists while visiting Paris Van Java in Bandung. Complete information can contact phone number (022) 2,060,800. The full address of the Paris Van Java is located at JL. Sukajadi No. 137-139, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40162.

7. Bandung Institute Of Technology Campus

Bandung Institute of technology in addition to the natural attractions of Bandung also features attractions such as the famous educational Institute of technology Bandung (ITB), the campus is often visited by tourists or students from out of town with a variety of purposes.

 Many students and students who organized a Study tour to the ITB campus because it is one of the best Universities in Indonesia. The full address of the Bandung Institute of technology located at JL. Ganesha No.10, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia, while their phone number is + 62 22 2,500,935. ITB deserves to be in the order of seven with netizen search as much as the 6600.

6. Kampung Daun (Leaf Village)

Kampung Daun is is one of the most famous culinary place which is in the Lembang, Bandung. Resto combines the concepts of nature and culture.

On its history in the year 1999 the managers juggle little Valley surrounded by hills and forests into a beautiful culinary attractions and be famous now leaves Hometown. Address Kampung Leaves are on the way Sergeant Bajuri km. 4.7, Villa Trinity, Lembang, West Java, Indonesia 40154. + 62 22 2,784,573

5. Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah in addition to providing Waterboom, waterpark as well as a variety of other modern attractions and rides at this place there is an artificial beach that almost resemble the originals or known by the name Wavepool, this be the solution for visitors who like to swim at the beach in the heart of Bandung, considering there is no sea or shore.

 Entrance ticket to the Kampung Gajah is Rp 10000 for the weekday while at the weekend 20000.0-Usd per person. Search Kampong Gajah about 18100 people per month, placing it entered in the ranks of the famous tourist attraction of big 5 Bandung which many search visitors. Address Kampung Gajah is in the way Sergeant bajuri KM 2.4, Lembang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40559. No. Phone: + 62 22 61,099,999

4. Floating Market Lembang

  Floating Market LembangHeard the name alone of course we can already imagine how the atmosphere at the famous tourist attraction in the area of Bandung Valley. Yes floating market turned out to be the attraction for tourists both local and foreign tourists. The price of the entrance ticket to the Floating Market Lembang is 15000.0-. The price later can be exchanged for drinks.

After passing through the lobby We are greeted with incredible Lake, around it there is a desk and a sitting area that you can use to see the sights while drink-drink and take pictures. There is nothing unique here that is if you want to buy food or drinks we should use the coin as a means of payment, these coins can be obtained onsite Exchange/lobby. The address of the Floating Market is located in Jalan Lembang. Grand Hotel No. 33 E. Its beauty turns out to be able to attract more than 18000 netizen look it up on the internet and peaked at the top 4. SO for those of you who to Bandung but never visiting here definitely.

3. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih In the third position is occupied by the stunning natural attractions next white crater. Although the number of ended the same as Floating.

Market, but more natural white craters no interference on its main tourist attraction. The crater this is some sort of Ciwidey White Lake the water is green to white – putihan surrounded by white sand. If viewed from a distance, tourists will be considered if this white crater blanketed by snow. Intriguing isn't it?. Its location is in the South of Bandung and is part of Bandung Regency. White crater tour ranked top three with number of searches or less 18100 people

2. Tangkuban PerahuView All Images

Tangkuban Perahu landscapes eyes, its beauty will remove the saturation you feel during this time. Here, you will meet other travellers who also want to enjoy the beauty of nature, feel the atmosphere of the more conciliatory.

 This popular tourist attraction in Bandung. This could not escape the legend you've know since being in school. Make it known, and make it a place that is often visited by tourists, especially in the holiday season.

The area of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is located on the border of Bandung and Subang this turned out to be a favorite tourist attractions to the 2. No less than 18100 online users per month who are looking for information about Tangkuban Perahu. Natural attractions in Bandung is indeed worthy to try because in addition to the price of admission is cheap too many souvenirs that we can bring home.

1. TRANS Studio Bandung

TRANS Studio Bandung for this year remains a Trans Studio attractions top favorites with online search as much as 40500 people monthly version of google's keyword and not to mention if added with those seeking information directly/without using internet services, for it was in Bandung Trans Studio the first order.

 Excellent location in Central Bandung is one of the reasons that make the tourist spots in Bandung this many devotees are given access so easy. In addition the vehicle is presented so complete and modern International bertarap suitable for all walks of life started to adults to children.

Complete address Trans Studio Bandung is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto 289 Bandung 40273, with phone number 022-91,099,999. For accommodation turns out around the site trans studio Bandung is still many hotels or inns that offer low prices, it's suitable for backpackers who want to try to visit there. Please read: cheap Hotels Near Trans Studio, Bandung.

Actually there is still a lot more to hundreds of tourist attractions in Bandung and presenting with different nuances. However this article is at least representative of what you're looking for. Hopefully help your holiday trip.